Apex Boards

Project Details

As a start-up hoverboard business looking to bring a positive spin on a product that recently was under scrutiny and controversy, Apex Boards developed into a reputable and trustworthy online retailer of personal electronic transportation devices.  

Apex boards worked hard in ensuring that their product met all the top safety inspections and were certified with a guarantee. Phosphor developed their digital brand as to be one of the safest hoverboard providers available online.

Phosphor took on the challenge of boosting the image of  an industry that has undergone scrutiny for malfunctions and cheaply made components.  Social media engagement and a content-rich e-commerce website were used to showcase The Apex Boards’ reliability and confidence to potential customers.

Phosphor’s strategy made sure to emphasize throughout all digital touchpoints that the products were properly certified and guaranteed with a warranty.


Tactics Used
The Apex Boards
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