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Email Marketing Tips for Generating Leads

By Chris Strange in  
September 19, 2016

So you got that great business idea.  Maybe even set up a website.  Sweet!  Now What?

Many businesses take the first important step of “setting up shop” in the digital space, but the next phase, creating awareness, is a somewhat misunderstood, yet critical step.

the right emails generate leads

  1. Great subject headlines, especially those involving deals or incentives, yield higher open rates
    Ex: Earn a $10 credit with your first order today!  / This week only – free shipping / 
  2. Especially for mobile users – keep the call to action in the top half of the email. If you don’t, roughly 60% of your readers won’t see it.  Also, make sure to repeat the main message and call-to-action.  This is the whole point of a lead generation email – to get readers to take action! 
  3. Keep copy and graphics to a minimum. Don’t confuse the reader with extra anecotes, statistics, etc…  Use a quick introduction that leads directly to a call to action. 
  4. Make sure your email is sized for mobile (no more than 600 pixels wide) 
  5. Make sure your landing page is closely aligned with your email in terms of look and content 


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