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Client Testimonial: Corporate Real Estate Dispositions, Inc.

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We love getting feedback like this from clients!

Corporate Real Estate Dispositions, Inc.’s team of experts handles the challenging leasing and sale of excess corporate real estate to maximize value of assets for their clients around the world.

As a newly formed company, CoreDispo needed a 360-degree branding / identity package, as well as a website presence; especially one that worked great over a smartphone during sales meetings.

We developed a custom logo & branding package, plus a custom-designed responsive WordPress theme that will allow the client to manage their own news updates, client testimonials, and success stories.

Responsive Web Design Best Practices

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According to ComScore statistics, we passed the tipping point of mobile browsing in 2014

The majority of US users have been consuming media through mobile , not desktop , applications.  It therefore makes sense to use responsive design techniques that scale across all devices and screen resolutions, so you don’t leave any users behind.